Friday, December 2, 2016

Our Savior, FUNimation!

Over the past few years, Funimation has saved so many titles from all the defunct anime companies.
Such as Bandai, ADV and Geneon. For that I am so very grateful because... whoo! There were just... some of my childhood memories.
You know? lol..

Their most recent acquisition has been Wolf's Rain (Bandai) and Scrapped Princes (Bandai). I am so annoyed... but happy with that because right as they went under... I lost my job so I wasn't able to get the last few volumes of the DVDs (guys, this was way back, that anime is old. lol) Now it's all 24 in a bluray.
So ughh! but yayy!! I AM SO FREAKING THRILLED!! I am going to get it even though I have the Geneon version because... because! Because I CAN! lol!!

And as for Wolf's Rain.. huwaahhhh!! I can't express how happy I am!! I wasn't able to get that one at all so now I'm going crazy with joy over it. I'm going to get it my next pay check. lol!

Now for my other hopefuls of their saves...
First, of course, Sentai has been doing a good job of rescuing dead titles too, so maybe it'll be from them, but I hope Funimation gets the rights to the original series of Neon Genesis Evangelion. They currently have the movies but they don't actually have the series.. so I hope that changes soon.

The other title I really hope some one saves is Witch Hunter Robin.
Need I say more?

haha.. That title... whoo... I remember how much I loved that series and now that I can totally afford to throw about $40 or $50 any given day, I WANT IT!!! lol..

It really sucks to be a broke otaku but.. oh well. lol

Monday, October 31, 2016


Last Exile & Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing

Oh god... I'm all stuck in feels right now.... I'm seriously on the verge of crying...
I just finished a mini-marathon of Last Exile: Fam, the silver wing and It was the episode that recapped what happened in the Original Last Exile (15.5) that got me right in that soft spot that holds Last Exile in my heart....

OMG... First off, WOW, This is one of those shows that I only ever watch dubbed and the re-cast they had to get because of the different company and just... The situation that most of those actors are retired or too busy with other things, to even do a lot of voice acting, but I am SO happy that Funimation tried really, really hard... and SUCCEED in getting actors that fit the old cast almost to a T.

Claus was so close to how Johnny Young Bosch did that... I swear I wanna cry.. Lucciola (oringally mona marshall)... OMG... I'M ON THE VERGE OF TEARS.... Ahh... that re-cap was seriously walking through memory lane of my early anime years and as i'm sure you all know, those first years have so many emotions tied to them that I'm just a squishy marshmallow right now.

Anyways, if you watched this second season/series of Last Exile, you know it's been several years AFTER the original Last Exile. Both Clause and Lavi are long dead (??) and Alvis and Dio are in the middle of a whole new war that of course involves trying to go after the Exiles and their keys.

Which first off, I was confused on WHY Claus and Lavi are gone. Mostly because Tatiana & Alister are still alive... and... look barely older than when we left them... when they were already OLDER than Claus and Lavi.... So, from where I am right now.. MYSTERY.. but.. I'm almost done, just a few more eps to go before I see what lies behind the mystery, anyways,  I'm honestly quite annoyed with Fam and pretty much the main characters of this new series. My whole interest has been in Dio and any and all OLD characters. I can't express enough how much Claus and Lavi meant to me. It was one of the first anime I watched and it touched me so deeply that It's... it's just ONE OF THOSE.

My fellow anime fans you know what I speak of. lol..

There is that ONE anime that will always mean more to you than any other, even when you get many new favorites, that one will mean more simply because it's tied to you in memory and emotionally. That is what Last Exile is to me.

Claus was the main chara in the first series. Fam, is the main in this one.

So my rate or feelings as far as these new main characters go, it's just meh. Blah. bleh.

My rate/feelings as far as Dio and the overall story and how they linked the new and the old, it's a solid 8/10.
-----SO FAR. Gonna get to the last episode soon. I can't wait!! <3


Ahh, once again My family and I are going to a new place.

Even though I liked it here with my Great Aunt... she's a little crazy and just frustrating to be with. Just the other week, about two weeks ago as of this post, she almost burned down the apartment because she forgot to turn off the stove. Luckily only the pot burned but it could have been so, SO bad. It's not the first time she's forgotten stuff  but she just won't accept that she's starting to forget things. And so, with that latest stunt and her just being all, "well it happens to everyone. it's done and over", We've truly decided to move out. I seriously can't begin to say how many times she has left the stove on, but at the time, I was laid off work and so I would catch it frequently, and she would just laugh and it was like.. well, okay, since I got it but you have to be more careful, and so, obviously it is more serious and it's getting worse.
But again, she won't accept she's starting to forget things, and we won't let her almost kill our dog and burn down our property. So.. moving...

That and the location doesn't have parking so it's been hell on my sister who works till night (and that's barely 8pm) most of the time as of late. Somehow it seems like 30+ new cars have been parking that now they have to park on the sidewalk cuz there is just no parking what so ever. Worst of all, she PAYS A PARKING PERMIT!! and that still doesn't get her parking. So she's fed up with paying and not having a guaranteed parking spot.
But then again, this is LA so I suppose....

We're going back to the valley, kinda and well, as much as I like that it's also going to be hard for me to go to work as easily as I have been up until now.

Right now I would just take the 1 Train and be there (at work). At this new location I have to take two buses and that wouldn't be bad, but what makes it horrible is that that first bus only passes every hour. So if say, I happen to miss it or if it comes by too early (hence the missing of the bus anyways) I'm 100% fucked and WILL BE LATE TO WORK.

So.. I'm happy because it'll just be me, my sister and my mom but not 100% happy because of that.

Still.. After this, my sister and I have been talking about really saving now to try to buy a house together so we can finally stop having to have to move as we have been my whole life...

So yes.. that's what new.
Hopefully it all goes smoothly.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sharing FREE books = Biggest annoyance ever! (A GIANT RANT!)

You know, It's sad really, but you wouldn't think that sharing free books would be so annoying to deal with.

If you're a member of this MM romance group on FB you've probably seen my posts. I share free books I find on amazon. Make a simple post about it and leave.
Every day, either before or after work, I go to certain lists on amazon and click on the top 100 free in the GLBT/Gay/Gay Erotica category, I look through all the books there and filter out free books that I haven't seen before. Now because I've been doing this for a while I do recognize what's  new and what isn't.
I don't do this for anyone else but myself.
I'm not advertising or anything. I'm just looking for free books because I'm a poor bitch and always want new material to read that I don't have to pay for.

Also, let me make something very clear. I HATE AMAZON! I don't buy from them unless they're my 100% last resort. I hate their double standard when it comes to gay romance compared to MF genres. There can be bestiality and rape in MF (not that I like that shit, but an example) then say you find a Simple smut or BDSM novel, that's GAY characters, oh no! It violates their "sensitive"standards so it's banned. Whereas... that bestiality/rape novel is still up and it's perfectly acceptable. ?! THE FUCK?!
So yeah, I hate it but for free shit... hell yeah, I'll go on amazon and just read it through their cloud reader.

So, anyways, after a while, I kinda felt bad that I wasn't sharing all these new books I'd find.
It's weird but I really felt bad that I wasn't sharing all this free MM books with other people like myself that love the stuff. So first, I slowly started sharing Mpreg titles that I was and still sorta am a kick on, I'd share these free mpreg I'd find on the Mpreg group I'm a part of on FB.

I'd only filter out the mpreg to post there but still got over 20 just MM romance/Horror, contemporary, scifi..etc...
So, I was like... Well.. Why don't I share all the other ones I find?
I asked in that group (Mpreg group) where I should post all the other titles that aren't mpreg to? After a few comments I figured, well.. the mm group that's the sister (I think) to the mm romance group on goodreads sounded good. so then I started posting there with these new free books I'd find.

Now I had already come across an incident in the Mpreg group, someone complained about how those new indie authors abuse unlimited or something? Something or other-- because supposedly some authors "inflate" their books with free stories to cheat kindle prime or whatever the fuck it is, I decided to only share ones that sound like they don't..

Let me be really honest here, I don't give a FLYING FUCK, how they inflate their books. That's amazons problem not mine. I, as a reader, love that they include a free book because then I can really see if I truly like this author and would get their other things. That person made it seem like it was MY fault or my responsibility to... I don't know, do something. But I don't care. If that person was bothered by it, they should have reported it directly through amazon. NO ONE ELSE was complaining. It wasn't until she got all high and mighty about how it cheats unlimited kindle that one other person started in on it too. I ignored the whole thing until it blew over and then made a simple statement that I don't advertise or promote-- which I still fucking don't --I just find free books and share. If they don't like it then don't get it and report it on your own. Don't act as if I'm to blame. That's on that author, the person offended and amazon.

But in all of that mess, this was the kicker.... ALL THESE BOOKS ARE FREE!! FREE! FREE!!
F. R. E. E.!!!!!!
As in you don't waste a dime or your stupid amazon kindle prime thing on it.

IT'S ALL FREE. So the fact they they get all pissy about it in the first place and tried to somehow blame it on me annoyed the flying shit outta me.

Sorry I wen't off topic there. Got into a bit of rant, anyways, So I was very reluctant to share these other titles, even though I really wanted to share but didn't want to keep posting them in the Mpreg group when they weren't mpreg (which I was doing with a title here or there.)

It started off great my sharing. People seemed to like it. And then suddnely... one person started with the... "It's not free" -- "that's not free." -- "this is not free" -- "that one is not free either" -- "not free!"
And holy shit I got annoyed again.

What had/has me annoyed about the whole thing (again) and has me writing out this post in frustration is that you'd think people would just say fucking thank you or like and get the fuck outta there with their other new free goods instead of pointing out the obvious of YOU MISSED IT, so it's not free. Not that I posted a not free book, It's YOU who missed it. YOU missed out. Not that it was never free. Because again. EVERY SINGLE BOOK I GET and share IS FREE. I can show you my purchase history of all the books they've "not free!"--ed about. I.. I got them free because I got it on time.
But, oh, no!
There are people that MUST point out, they have it as their DUTY to point out that a certain book or books are no longer free.

They post and act as though I was the one that mislead them onto that book.

< Those are just a few examples when I was really, really close to just saying fuck them all and not sharing anymore.

But then... but then... ohhh~ A kind, kind soul stood up for me and said what I had been wanting to say for so long and told them to pretty much fuck themselves for me.

Ohh~ I wanted to hug her so bad. Because as she posted this, and a few comments before this, Some people expressed their gratitude and said thank you and all that made me feel all warm and fuzzy and was the pretty much the whole reason why I started sharing in the first place.

This is why then I was like... oh no... I can't stop.

Even though I was so annoyed by those other people, this is why I felt I really needed to because I didn't want to let these kind people miss a chance of getting free books.

But yeah... It was short lived my happiness after she stood up for me because the next day I shared books... what happens??

.........YEah.... Yeah. Thaaaaaaat's right...
Still point out the obvious in such an annoying maddening attempt of just... still saying FUCK YOU. OMG.. it was like this person just needed to stick it to me and to the girl that stood up for me when I wanted to just remain quiet and not share anymore.. ohhh... this person STILL had to go and be a brat about it.

So... Because that one person still is the captain of obvious others have also continued to be just as keen on their obvious patrol.

Though sometimes their nicer about it.... < like such picture...

But holy fuck I'm still annoyed and still have the raging desire to quit. It's always that one that ruins it for everyone isn't it? Well I'm getting close to just stopping because they won't shut the fuck up about it.

Also, how some ask me for the uk link. ???
What do I look like? Your personal assistant to do things for you? I already provided the link, look for it yourself!
Now, some people are nice about it, they at LEAST say please.
Other post: "Uk link?"
Like it's expected.. or my job to provide both options.
Ummm, fucking NO!!! Go get it yourself!
How hard is it to now search the item in your browser or phone if you have it there? You have IT, and the cover. You lazy bitch!
Haha... and yeah, I know. I'm probably the bitch here in thinking that but... really? WHY CAN'T THEY LOOK FOR IT THEMSELVES. Isn't all you have to do is change the .com with. or whatever ??

And I know some people are gonna say/think,
OMFG, you're being way too dramatic, calm the fuck down, or something like, Then just don't share anymore then, duh!

*Sigh* But those few days that I go without sharing and me getting 15 + free books that sound good or from great authors like L.A. Witt that I sometimes find that she's put for free for a limited time, it makes me sad that I wasn't able to share with other MM-lovers and I feel bad all over again.

But really.. Why should I bother. Right? I do this every day for myself, why go the extra step and share with other people (SOME) that I truly feel, are slightly ungrateful?
I guess that answer is truly simple and I just shouldn't anymore.

I think I'll go back to only sharing mpreg. They're nicer and only those few people gave me problems about amazon's problem. Everyone else aside from those like two people there was all, "Fuck em, keep sharing we don't care. They can NOT GET IT and go away." one person even messaged me and said "Don't worry about what they're saying, I'm so grateful and found so many new authors so please keep sharing" so I felt better about that. Because they realized or, not realized but had the common sense to see that that wasn't my fucking problem it was theirs(the people who had a problem with it) and amazon's to report and correct.

Anyway, I truly just vented out my frustrations here. I feel so much better that I put this down. ahhh!!.. I just needed to get it out of me. Maybe after this it won't bother me as much anymore.

You know.. something along the lines of just needing to get it off my shoulders or what not.

Well, see you around on the net!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Review: Good Together by Valentina Heart ♥

A legacy of bullying and insecurity has left its mark on Troy, affecting all his interactions in the present. Adam is an ex-hocky player turned tattoo artist who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. But no matter how hard he tried, time and again he sends the easily scared Troy running.

Though both are nearly convinced it could never work between them, they agree to give it one more try. But then bad luck and fate conspire to leave Adam floundering to reach Troy while Troy worries over losing touch with Adam.

Author: Valentina Heart
Genre: Bisexual, Contemporary, Gay
Word count: 29,000 words

Purchase Links:
Less Than Three Press (Publisher Site)
All Romance Ebooks


                                                                       ↓                       ↓
                                                                        My Review

I freaking LOVED the hell out of this book!!

Troy's insecurity and feelings of unworthiness come from a long childhood of bullying and humiliation. Added on to this was his family/home situation where he was ignored and neglected.
Of which left him with always thinking that he is not worthy of this person or that. This comes to the forefront when he meets Adam.

Adam who seems larger than life and brighter than the sun is assertive and goes after the things he wants and likes. In this case, that happens to be Tory.

However, when Troy's feelings of unworthiness get the better of him and he acts cold and distant, Adam thinks maybe this time he needs to let it go. Maybe they aren't meant to be... but he wants too badly to see where this could lead and even though he wants to throw in the towel he doesn't want to give up. Will he be able to make Troy see just how much he's worth and that he too deserves to be cherished?


Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to obtain multiple formats at ARe (A small Tutorial on Navigating ARe)

Sadly, ARe doesn't make it a habit, at all, to tell their customers that there are ways to download the format(s) you want at their store. There is, no ad, nothing at all, advertising that it's possible. Not a single link anywhere on the front page! Not even in their FAQ! (There really should be, you know?!)

A lot of people think you only get one format, and one alone when you buy from ARe.

I did too until I just happened to stumble upon it when I got so fed up that I couldn't get the pdf and epub. 
I guess you (or some people) say, "Well if people weren't so lazy, they could find it too!!" And um, no. It's not that simple. ARe is truly a confusing site sometimes. I still don't know every nook and cranny I only know how to report a problem and reset the formats I want. (now..)

So if you're one of those people that needs help figuring out their site, here is how you get multiple formats from ARe!

Now, remember!
So if you get pdf, but also want epub & mobi, you'll have to do this/follow these instructions twice!

Now then,