Thursday, October 23, 2014

Books with HATEFUL formatting and NO COVERS

Isn't it annoying?

Ugh... That's one thing I don't like about purchasing from smashwords or ARe sometimes...

That the books end up coming out with no covers.
Smashwords especially has that. Which totally just... urgh!! It's irks me so damn bad. Almost always those self published titles have no covers.

Then there is ARe. The good thing about ARe is that the majority DO come with covers. Yay! But, You do get a good amount that don't.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I know it probably has NOTHING to do with ARe or Smashwords at all. It might all have to do with what the author turns in. They probably really have no control over how it comes out when put up for sale, And at least, if you submit a 'ticket' at ARe, they are likely to fix it....but still!! It's annoying!!!

Yesterday... or... I think it was actually the day before, I bought two books, First off, one was fucking HORRIBLY FORMATTED!!!!! Like seriously!! Fucking terrible. Jumbo fucking lettering and no pretty format at all. Like.. here... I'll give you an example.

No joke. This is real here... NO. JOKE.

Then, I got one with NO cover. Not only that, I thought, "Oh! Fine.. I'll just put it in my nook (the epub format) and Yay! I'll have cover and it'll be pretty so I won't mind..."


Not only does it NOT have a cover for that either BUT it has shitty formatting as well.

I mean.. I get that things get fucked up when formatting them into other formats. Sure, of course, it happens but... the fact that it happens so often is just too damn annoying. Like... I'm giving you my money... right? so, the least you can do is make sure that your book looks great when it comes out on the other side. Right? (in all formats! come on! please?!)

Some will say, "well it looks good on the mobi format"
Oh, well, good for you, BUT I DON'T FUCKING USE MOBI FORMAT!!
I really wish other formats would get the same 'loving' for what seems to go into the 'mobi' format.

I Hate buying books that look like shit. Which is why I often don't get self publishes books even if I WANT TO SO DAMN BAD!!
It's because they look hideous. So I buy just Publisher ones.

I mean, I can't be the only person who is so anal about pretty covers and nice formatting right? Am I the only one?


I could just look the other way and just READ it but I buy these books to keep and treasure... I really wish some of them would be as pretty as others for my collection....

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For being so crazy....

....I actually still really do like Lana Del Rey. 

Yeah... I mean, I guess an Artist is always quirky or crazy, but the depressive shit she said the last time was just dumb and I really wish for her to TALK to someone or get help. I grew a little concerned that she actually said she just wanted to die already....
That really can't be healthy... 

But what irritated me was how she was saying how she's fucked a lot of people in the industry, blah, blah, and I just felt... well... Even if you have, you know, I have mixed feelings on you spouting that shit out there. 

Just Don't. 

So I grew to dislike her a little... 

But then...
but then...

I listen to her songs (which I have all of her stuff on my itunes) and I just fall in love with her all over again! LOL....

I mean, aside from her "worst performance ever live on SNL" I love her on studio tracks.
 Cuz... really guys? 

A lot more than you'd think assholes.

I digress.....

But yeah, I came to dislike her a little, but then, I just can't stop loving her music...

Right now, god.. I can just sway to this forever....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Haha! So, this past weekend (8/23/2014 - 8/24/2014) was the Digital Manga Publishing (DMP)/Akadot warehouse sale again and I went, again! lol...

Sadly, I wasn't able to go both days like last time, but I went Sunday and though I didn't get as much manga as I did the last time, I did get a good few I think I was missing. 

If I got double... well, oh well. If I do have double maybe I'll sell them at a later time. My worries were of getting them period. 

Anyways, yeah, a  slightly .... well... a much SMALLER haul than last year because... HA! I think I got everything at last years sale and at Anime Expo2014. haha... oh... yeah... I'm such a sad person... but an excellent fujoshi! XD kufufu~ 

Sunday Only 
Ah... such a small, sad pile.... It feels awful to have so little compared to what I got last year. For reals. LOL 

Anyways! I had fun and omfg!! HAHAHA, it was such an awesome surprise to meet a fellow fujoshi there!!
I honestly had no clue! I didn't check anything online prior to heading out there so I didn't see she said she was going when I said I was the day before. So, when I saw her, I honestly just approached her to ask about a manga title... who better to give me their opinion on a manga than a fellow fujoshi right? So I just asked if she liked... (I think I was asking about Words of Devotion) ..the series to see if I should buy it and then, after I did she asks me... what's you're twitter name? 
(I had only ever spoken to her on twitter) and so I was just... Oh, "Arella, Arella3173" and she's omg, I knew it, I'm MysticParadox!
Haha! Needless to say, we then fell into a ball of flailing fujoshi's. LOL... it was fun! ahh~~ yeah. lol...

anyways, it was a great day. SAD, that they hadn't received their shipment of Ze vol.9 or Wolf Magic there or I would have gotten them buuuuttttt..... they said their shipment was late and it's only now available today I think... ahh... Still gonna get it (of course!). kufufu~ I am so excited to and I'm going to try SO VERY HARD to NOT miss any more manga I'm desperate to have. 

I really hope some re-prints are coming soon... god... I'm certain plenty of people ask them already... *sighsigh* Anyways, that's all~~ 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: The Emerald Prince by Kayci Morgan

This was actually my first book by this Author so I guess there was going to be a few misses in reading some of her books before I became or become familiar with her writing.
Still, I really wished I could have liked it more. I loved the blurb of it....

Well, in any case. Here is my review and buy links in case you'd like to give it a try.

Really, DO NOT TAKE MY REVIEW TO HEART. This is only my own personal opinion on it. EVERYONE has different taste so whereas I couldn't really get into it, YOU could freaking love it!

I would say to give it a try if you really want to.

In a kingdom faced with civil war, an idealistic prince must abandon the foreign princess he desires for an arranged marriage to an influential knight. Together, the prince and knight travel north to deal with an army marching on the kingdom’s borders, only to discover the biggest threat to the crown is the princess they left behind. 

Prince Elliot had everything—wealth, power, the love of a beautiful woman. It wasn’t enough. More than anything he wanted to prove himself worthy of his crown. When negotiations for his sister's arranged marriage to Sir Blaine fell apart, he was asked to take her place and marry the knight. 

Sir Blaine was adored throughout the kingdom for his strategic mind and feats of bravery. He was rewarded with the greatest gift a king could offer a knight—the princess’s hand in marriage. 

But Blaine found the brazen Prince Elliot far more enticing. 

AUTHOR: Kayci Morgan
GENRE: Fiction • Gay • Romance • Historical
LENGTH: 133 pages

Purchase Links:
☆ Add Book to your Goodreads

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♦ My Review ♦

Sunday, March 16, 2014

TIGER & BUNNY The Movie - The Rising -



To see if it's in a theaters near you....

So, I went to see this movie this past Friday with a friend and OH MY GOD, let me tell you.. it was FREAKING AMAZING!!!
I'm so happy I got to go. It was an absolute joy. I'm actually quite glad we went two hours (or an hour and a half) early because it assured that we would get the free stuff they had available there. XD ahaha...
I'm all for free stuff, and other than that, for those of us that got there early, they had a raffle to get a big theatrical poster (which my friend won!!! and then gave to me! AHH!!). Heh, anyways, they let us in about half an hour before the movie started and at first it was actually quite empty. I didn't think it was going to get too full because a while ago when I went with my sister to watch the Fullmetal Alchemist movie - The Star of Milos, It remained pretty empty, sadly, but about 10 minutes and then just a few minutes before it started it got pretty full. Like... the only seats available were the ones RIGHT in the front you know?









Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I hope you've all had a most wonderful Christmas!

And I hope your New Year's is full of Joy and Many, many new happy beginnings.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Rebellion (The Colony Book 1) by J. Tomas

(First off, gah! It's been such a long time since I last posted here! lol)

Well, I just finished reading this YA Novel and... I can't even begin to describe how much I loved it. Really. I'm not blowing smoke up the authors ass because I received it for review. It's honestly how I feel.

I admit I put it down for a while (in fact, I almost forgot I had it to review) because the first two chapters were kind of slow. But this is the way I am. I set a book down, and when I go back to it (when I remember) I fall completely into it's world until I reached the end. And that's what happened again with this one. I am SO glad I got around to it again. I can't even believe I set it down the first time. Yes, there's no sex, (to those of you that don't read anything that has no sex *cough*laketica*cough*) not even a fade-to-black, But this is one of those cases where I don't care. It was just that good that you didn't need the sex scenes in it to be better.

Well, before I blather on, here is the official product detail, buy links, followed by my official review, and then more of my chatter. 

The Colony Book 1: Rebellion
AUTHOR: J. Tomas
ISBN: 9781611529777
PRICE: $5.99
GENRE: Fiction • Futuristic • Gay • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 58,329 words

Sixteen year old Aine lives in the Colony, and his whole life was decided before he was born. In two years he will marry the girl next door, Brin, who was assigned as his Other at birth. Then he will be given a position in the Colony's workforce that best suits his talents. Each night he takes four pills, like everyone else in the Colony, and he knows the pills keep them safe and their world in order.

Everything is fine. Perfect, in fact. Until Aine accidentally drops one of his pills.

Terrified, he tries to hide the mistake, but when he dreams for the first time in his life, he discovers all he's been missing. What scares him more than not taking the pill, though, is how alive his dreams make him feel. Because it isn't Brin he dreams of but his best friend Kyer.

Another boy.

Suddenly Aine's world turns upside down, and he doesn't know what to think or who to trust. All he knows for sure is he's falling in love with Kyer, which is forbidden by the Colony's Code, and he will do anything to protect their budding relationship.

Even if it means defying the Overseer and leaving the Colony behind.

Queerteen Press (publisher site)
Barnes & Noble
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↓                      ↓
My Review
I was so completely caught in the world of this book.
Seriously... What I wouldn't give to see it as a movie! lol...

Though, I admit, the first two chapters were a little slow for me. I even put it down and almost forgot about it, but the moment I picked it back up to finish, I simply couldn't put it down. (It was probably, most likely, just me. I probably wasn't in the mood to read it at the time. lol)

But anyways, After, it just picked up and I was so engrossed in reading Aine's struggle with his emotions and concerns and panic... It was all just so real that I read on and on wanting to know what happened next.

This is an absolutely wonderful world that J. Tomas has created. Scary, in it's own sense too. If you sit down and think about how they control everyone... it's actually quite terrifying.
Once I reached chapter 21 oh my god, I was so emotionally invested to what Aine was feeling. I wanted him to find a way. A way out. I was with him every step of the way. The details and everything were just wonderful. I love that everything was so easy to follow. At no point were you stuck wondering, "What, what happened there?", As some titles do. No, This had you with and inside Aine's thoughts every step of the way.

All I want now is the next book. I NEED to see what happens next. There are still so many questions I have but most importantly, I want to see what Aine and Kyer find. What will the repercussions be? Will we see what happens to Brin and Lyra and their family? (and Brin! you bitch! lol) What exists outside the walls? So much!

I really can't recommend this book enough! It's a must read! A fantastic YA GLBT title.

Thank you for this wonderful story J. Tomas! I really can't wait for the next book!!

**I Received this copy from the author in Exchange for an honest review**

Heh, so that's that. I honestly don't read that many YA-GLBT titles anymore only because I put my heart into this one series I was reading and it was... just... a disaster. The two teens that were so totally meant to be, were split up and it just went on and on and to complete shit, that it kinda ruined the genre for me.
But after this... Oh.. I'm totally back in.I LOVED IT! I really can't say it enough. So totally look forward to the second.

Now I wonder how long it will be though....
A trilogy? 4-5 books? Gah! I totally need to know! lol...
hmm~~ And I wonder if the author will write a full on sex scene later on... like... write it under JM Snyder with their future as it is now or in their future if they manage to escape intact and all.
aha! I can hardly wait! ♥